One of the biggest expenses a dealership has is a poorly trained and under-prepared staff. Consultative training methods are essential within a dealership. Confidence is a product of preparation. Profit Strategies provides product and business training which creates more success and revenue for your dealership. We can help create a well-trained sales staff that will translate to an increase in profits.

Sales training classes include:

1. Consultative Selling

A three-day class designed for both new hires and existing staff. This workshop includes:

+ Consultative sales approach
+ Internet-based techniques
+ Phone skills
+ Value selling techniques
+ Earning ‘buy now’ commitment
+ Customer retention methods
+ Negotiation and closing the sale
+ Professional follow up
+ Role play

2. Advanced Sales Professional

A two-day class accelerated class for your more seasoned sales representatives. Included in this workshop:

+ Phone skills
+ Value selling
+ Customer retention
+ Advanced negotiations/closing the sale
+ Growing your book of business
+ Prospecting
+ Role play

3. Sales Management – Coaching the Coach

Included in this workshop.

+ Compliance
+ Managing leads
+ Ownership of responsibilities
+ Accountability and Tracking
+ Motivational coaching
+ Closing/desking
+ Planning
+ Prospecting
+ Role play

4. Finance & Insurance

Included in this workshop:

+ Consultative selling
+ Steps to delivery
+ Psychology of menu
+ Value selling
+ Objection handlers
+ Compliance
+ Safeguarding
+ Red Flags
+ Role play